Case Lot Discounts

Case Lot Breast Cancer Research Foundation Socks
Product ID : CL_bcrf
Case Lot Mens Black Crew Sock Size 10-13
Product ID : CL_mens_blackcrew
Case Lot Mens White Crew Sock Size 10-13
Product ID : CL_mens_whitecrew_hawkband
Case Lot Pink Diabetic Crew Socks
Product ID : cl_pink_diab_crew
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Case Lot Womens Hanes Black Lowcut Golf
Product ID : CL_womens_hanes_black_lowcut
Case Lot Womens Hanes Gray Heel and Toe Lowcut Golf
Product ID : CL_womens_hanes_ghtlowcut
Case Lot White Diabetic Crew
Product ID : CL_white_diab_crew
Case Lot Black Diabetic Crew Socks
Product ID : CL_black_diab_crew
Case Lot - Men's Tube Socks 6 pk
Product ID : CL_mens_tube_6pack
Case Lot Gray Diabetic Crew
Product ID : CL_gray_diab_crew
Case Lot Mens Blue Top Boot Sock
Product ID : CL_mens_bluetop_boot
Case Lot of Mens Gray Crew Size 10-13
Product ID : CL_mens_heavygraycrew_hawkband
Case Lot Tan Dabetic Crew Socks
Product ID : CL_tan_diab_crew
Case Lot Brown Diabetic Crew Socks
Product ID : CL_brown_diab_crew
Case Lot Navy Diabetic Crew Socks
Product ID : CL_navy_diab_crew
Case Lot White Diabetic Golf Socks
Product ID : CL_white_diab_golf
Case Lot - King Size 13-15 White Diabetic Golf
Product ID : CL_white_diab_golf13-15
Case Lot Black Diabetic Golf
Product ID : CL_black_diab_golf